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The UK consumer is pretty familiar with the concept of Fairtrade now. The impact that purchasing products with the Fairtrade Mark has on the communities picking bananas, growing coffee beans, producing sugar or wine are broadly known. If we don’t know exactly how it works or the specific projects being funded by the money we pay, we understand that the logo means that we are making sure people are being treated fairly and paid a fair price for their produce.

Whilst the ‘feel good’ factor and being able to make a different to those less fortunate provide a great reason to indulge in a well deserved glass of wine, we want alcohol with a conscience but not at the expense of our tastebuds.

Obviously, we will be the first to point out here that South Africa has more than its fair share of top quality wine estates that produce fantastic wine. Indeed, if you enjoy drinking wine and follow us on social media, read our blogs or have had the privilege to visit South Africa yourself, you will know that a number of these estates also happen to be Fairtrade accredited; Stellenrust, Bosman and Kleine Zalze to name just three.

It takes more than just producing top quality, Fairtrade, wines though. For us to buy the wines, we need the UK importers and retailers to find these wines and bring them to our shelves.  It was therefore very fortuitous, then, that we were contacted by Sainsbury’s who informed us that they will be promoting their Taste The Difference (TTD) Fairtrade wines below during Fairtrade Fortnight which runs from 27th February – 10th March. All the wines below are produced by Bosman or Off Piste Wines.

Taste the Difference Fairtrade Chenin Blanc 2016 £7 – on promotion for £6 during Fairtrade Fortnight

Produced by Bosman, this deliciously zingy and fruity wine is packed with the mouth-watering flavours of tropical fruit and citrus zest. Rich with peach, honey & vanilla aromas, it is beautifully balanced with a gentle citrus acidity. This wine is a blend of 90.2% Chenin Blanc, 4.5% natural fermented Chenin 4.3% Viognier and 1% of sweet Chenin produced from dried berries.










Taste the Difference Fairtrade Vine Garden Rosé 2016 £8 – on promotion for £6 during Fairtrade Fortnight

This is an experimental Rosé wine produced from a field blend of 47 different grape varieties from the vine gardens of the Bosman Family. The beautiful colour of this wines leads you into smelling the strawberries and raspberries. The fresh red berry notes make it light but there is a depth and complexity which gives it a lingering finish.

TtD Fairtrade Vine Garden Rose

Taste the Difference Fairtrade South African Shiraz 2016 £6- on promotion for £6 during Fairtrade Fortnight

Another sumptuous wine from Bosman, this wine has aromas of prunes and cherries followed by a layer of spice and a hint of dark chocolate. Produced from mainly Shiraz grapes (85%), 12% Mourvedre, 2.7% Viognier and 0.3% Primitivo have been added to give silky tannins, floral notes and that hint of spice.

Taste the Difference Fairtrade Cabernet Merlot 2015 £7 – on promotion for £6 during Fairtrade Fortnight

This luscious and intense wine delivers ripe, juicy bramble and plum flavours.  It is well-structured with a velvety finish from the soft, balanced tannins. It’s a robu

st red which works well with rich red meat dishes. This wine from our friends at Bosman is a blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Merlot, 7% Petit Verdot, 5% Cabernet Franc and 4% Malbec.


Taste the Difference Fairtrade Pinotage 2015 £7 – on promotion for £6 during Fairtrade Fortnight

100% Pinotage from 18 year old vines, planted in deep, red, oak leaf soil.  This wine from Off Piste Wines is has benefited from some time in both French and American oak staves which are used to mature the wines. The result is a medium-bodied red wine with ripe plum, black cherry and juicy mulberry notes which are followed by a sumptuous spicy vanilla finish.


Taste the Difference Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc 2016 £7 – on promotion for £6 during Fairtrade Fortnight

This wine, also from Off Piste Wines, is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes sourced from the Western Cape. The 35 year old vines are planted on soils which are largely made up of granite and they are influenced by the Mediterranean climate with warm summers and cooler winters.  This elegantly balanced wine is made with exceptional care to preserve the full range of flavours from crisp lemon and lime, through to green pepper and gooseberry and finishing with more tropical fruit notes.





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